Say Goodbye To Single-Use Plastics!

Scientists calculate that 91% percent of plastics are not recycled. This has resulted in 6.3 billion metric tons of waste, finding its way into our ecosystem, endangering wildlife and our loved ones.

Recycling plastic creates new products with long life spans

At Bio Green Cleaner®, it is our duty to the environment, mankind, and our families to find a better way to produce cleaning products. Not only did we need to produce a natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable product but also find a refillable and durable bottle.

We think you’ll like the bottle we chose. Made from HDPE, a plastic that can take all the regular bumps and drops in the home, our bottles are designed to be reused and refilled over and over again through our Refill Program. 

When HDPE plastic containers are recycled they can find new life in plumbing pipes, plastic lumber, plastic rope, children’s toys, and a vast range of other products.  According to the EPA, recycling 10 plastic bottles saves enough energy to power a laptop computer for over 24 hours.

Introducing Bio Green Concentrates

We offer the most cost effective refill program on the market today.

One 8oz plant-powered concentrate makes 16 - 32oz spray bottles.

By reducing your waste and helping to save the environment, you receive a deep discount on your favorite Bio Green Cleaner in concentrate form to refill your spray bottle! 

Bye Bye Single-Use Plastics!