What is Bio Green Cleaner?

Bio Green Cleaner is a plant-based and environmentally friendly cleaner.
Our goal is to provide safe and powerful cleaners that not only sanitize without threatening humans or animals but also protect the environment and your wallet.

We achieve this by using natural ingredients. We take pride in providing a safer alternative to the typical toxic household cleaner. Citric acid, cocoa butter extract, lemongrass extract, soapbark, purified water, and essential oils are the only ingredients in our product. We do not use anything that cannot be found naturally.

We not only provide the luxury of a non-toxic cleaning formula, but we also provide the best value for money on the market. Our concentrates are enough to fill sixteen 32-ounce bottles. With this advantage, you can now replace all of your toxic cleaning products with a single all-natural product that meets all of your cleaning needs.