Six years ago, while lying on her back after a yoga workout Gladys noticed a protruding lump near her windpipe and got scared.  You can probably imagine the rush of thoughts going through her mind. If you can’t, I’ll guarantee you she was frightened, we’ve had many friends who struggled with illnesses.

After some blood work and exams from our chiropractor, a physician, and some internet searches it turned out her thyroid was enlarged.  The physician recommended getting on one or more medications, the chiropractor suggested looking more deeply at the blood work panels to see what may be causing it.

We opted to look for the cause. 

My research into thyroid issues and more natural cures pointed out several common factors. The first was indoor toxins from cleaning products, missing nutrients from commercially produced foods, and increased stress all impacted autoimmune issues.

Ironically 30 plus years ago when I moved to the West coast I started hanging out with organic farmers.  These folks composted everything. They were the first people in the country vermicomposting, where worms are used to convert vegetable waste, recyclable newspapers and cardboard products into soil amendments and nutrients. They grew most of their own food or bartered what they grew with other farmers for their shortfall.  Liquid castile soap is what cleaned everything.

I noticed after being around that lifestyle that when I’d go to the grocery store the fragrances in and around the cleaning products aisle really bothered me.  That got me started looking for products with fewer additives and less fragrances to clean with moving forward in life.

So, we needed natural products to clean our entire house with, especially the bathrooms and pet messes because those are the most toxic chemicals in most residences. I had tried other natural recipes like vinegar, but it smells bad and can harm granite, marble, and limestone countertops.  So, coming up with Bio Green Cleaner® was a natural outcome, pun intended.

Bio Green Cleaner is plant-based, odorless, and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide safe and powerful cleaners that not only sanitize without threatening humans or animals but sustainably protect the environment and your wallet.

One of our goals in business was to find a way to help others save money on high quality sustainable cleaners and potentially earn a little by referring friends to a product they love.  

We offer a risk free no questions asked return policy, if you don’t love the product let us know and we gladly refund your money.